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Panasonic DMP-UB820

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the new Panasonic DMP-UB820 4K Blu-ray player for Sound and Vision magazine. This player sets itself apart from the pack with its in-player tone mapping solutions for a variety of display types. The Panasonic allows the end user to select their display type so the player can generate a tone map for HDR playback suited perfectly to that display type. This can alleviate issues with image clipping or displays that respond poorly to media with poor or incorrect metadata.

I was particularly impressed with the player's ability to package the HDR tone map in a standard dynamic range container. This allows for greater flexibility in playback for those that don't have HDR compatible displays that still support 4K and/or a wider color gamut. It's also particularly useful for projector owners as it allows for more precise playback of HDR content.

Click on the review below to read more!

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