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In a NY Minute!

I'm excited to announce that I will be involved in the upcoming Panasonic/JVC collaborative event scheduled on March 23rd at Value Electronics in Scarsdale NY! I will be calibrating the main event setup consisting of a new JVC NX9 coupled with a Panamorph DCR lens and the new Panasonic UB9000 4K Blu-ray player. Please swing by and learn more about the exciting results this collaboration provides for those looking to get the best possible performance from the latest JVC projectors! Here is the press release for the event:

Value Electronics Presents: JVC and Panasonic’s Collaborative Theater Demo Event to Demonstrate Studio Quality Video for Home Cinema

Experience true Hollywood Cinema picture & audio quality, with DTS:X & Dolby video & audio at Value Electronics in Scarsdale

SCARSDALE, NY (March 8, 2019) – Value Electronics, a leading independent Audio/Video retailer in Westchester County, NY, is hosting the world’s first demonstration of JVC’s NX9 4K HDR projector with Panasonic’s new UB9000 4K HDR Blu-ray player. The live presentations will run from 11am - 5pm on Satur- day, March 23rd at ValueElectronics, 35 Popham Rd. Scarsdale, NY. The Home Cinema demo event will start with a Meet and Greet that includes the press, in- dustry experts, our presenters and consumers who are theater enthusiasts.

The objective of the event, featuring JVC’s NX9 projector fed by Panasonic’s UB9000 Blu-ray player, is to demonstrate the advancements in picture quality that is exclusively possible through the collaboration of these two premium companies’engineers. They are dedicated to deliver the world’s best image performance for the new 4K HDR TV system. Attendees will be treated to a true theater image quality presentation never seen before, which is representative of what the Holly- wood colorists and graders see when they are finishing a film for theaters or Blu- ray mastering.

All interested media, post production specialists, video enthusiasts, movie lovers, and tech influencers are invited to attend the event by registering via email

JVC executives along with well-known industry experts will present theater demonstration clips from the latest 4K HDR Blu-ray titles. The focus will be on evaluating the performance in all of the HDR elements, HDR contrast range, color fidelity, color volume and EOTF.

Here is how the 4K HDR projector is set up and the methodology:

- Well-respected top professional calibrator Kris Deering, of, will be setting up and calibrating the system to its best possible SDR and HDR performance.

- Video experts will guide the attendees through presentations

Value Electronics Reference Home Theater Demo

followed by the theater demonstration, then Q&A and more conversations.

- Attendees will be led through the full visual performance of seeing the new 4K HDR TV System display expanded onto a 12bit projection display system. Attendees will get to see first-hand the advantages of this new collab- oration from JVC and Panasonic in this home cinema demonstration.

Guests should be prepared to be dazzled. Seeing Hollywood films faithfully repro- duced in a home cinema system will bring the viewers to a new level of entertain- ment and excitement!

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