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Video Calibration

ISF Certified. All Formats. The Latest Tools.

Proper setup and calibration of your video image is probably one of the most important things you can do to ensure you are getting the most of your video playback system. From the most simple adjustment of basic settings to in depth analysis and LUT generation, Deep Dive AV will make sure your video looks its best every time.

I am a Level 2 ISF certified calibrator and work the with the latest tools and equipment to calibrate any display type. Tools in use include:

I also do full setup/calibration of Lumagen Radiance video processors (SDR and HDR), eeColor LUT boxes and custom HDR tone map generation for JVC projectors. Clients are given a full pre and post calibration report for their records at completion of work.

I am an authorized dealer on Lumagen Radiance video processors. I offer special pricing on Radiance + Calibration packages, contact us for more information. I also offer offsite setup of Lumagen products for those that want plug and play functionality (sans calibration of course). 

Video calibration prices start at $400 and discounts are available for multiple displays. Deep Dive AV services the Greater Seattle area locally but tours are available country wide on a case by case basis. I also offer OFFSITE calibrations for projector owners that want our services but are not in the area or want to pay for flying me out. This would involve sending your projector to my office and I will calibrate to the same image size and material you are using in your home theater. Click the link below to have all your questions answered, get a custom quote for your job and get scheduled.

Video Calibration: Services
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