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audio calibration

Hear What You've Been Missing.

Feel like something is missing from your setup's audio performance? I've spent the last twenty years working in acoustics in various home theater environments, as the lead acoustician for Vicoustic North America, and as an acoustics engineer for the Navy's submarine program. I have helped lots of clients setting up home theater and audio rooms and have experience with multiple consumer room "EQ" solutions including:

I am also equipped with the latest Room EQ Wizard software and have multiple calibrated microphones. Let me help you get the most impact from your sound system.

Prices for audio calibration start as low as $200 and discounts are available when combined with other services. Deep Dive AV services the Greater Seattle Area locally but services are available nationwide through tours and special arrangements on a case by case basis. Click the link below for more information.

Close-up Image of Microphone
Audio Calibration: Services
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