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Testimonials: Testimonials

"Kris' experience and expertise in video greatly helped us improve the quality of our DVD and Blu-ray Disc players."

Jason Liao, VP Product Development, OPPO Digital, Inc.

Kris has been an excellent resource for Lumagen in helping improve our Radiance Pro video processor family. This has been especially true for the Radiance Pro’s HDR Tone Mapping, which Kris provided detailed evaluation and suggestions that helped us improve the processor’s algorithms. I can say from personal observation that Kris is one of the best calibrators available given his understanding of all aspects of video calibration, including the advantages of 3D LUT calibration using a Radiance Pro. I highly recommend his video calibration services and recommend him to our Radiance Pro customers for their calibration needs.

Jim Peterson, President, Lumagen Inc.

"Thanks Kris for the excellent help and support with my JVC RS4500 projector, Lumagen Pro and Paladin DCR lens! I appreciated your patience answering my questions, and the awesome picture I now have. I love the way everything works seamlessly switching from one screen size to another with zero lens adjustment, just the processor handling the changes. And I love knowing you will be there to answer questions if they come up."

Mike Lavigne, Customer, North Bend WA

"High-end home video is more complicated than ever in the 4K/HDR world. Even the most formerly-up-to-the-minute DIYers are quickly finding themselves lost in a sea of ever-changing specs and standards that shift from movie to movie, format to format, and platform to platform. If Kris weren’t keeping up with this for me and keeping my system dialed, I’d be lost. Instead, every night I fire up the projector and see images that are simply jaw dropping. “Better than a movie theater,” as my friends say. Thanks to Kris I say!"

Shane Buettner, Audioquest/Intervention Records

"Let me sum this up quickly and succinctly – Kris really, REALLY knows his stuff. So many in the a/v industry – including many reviewers and so-called industry experts – either aren’t all that educated in the areas they comment on, or lack the ability / desire to think really critically about the products they are evaluating or comparing. It’s easy to drop a product into a room and rattle off a bunch of subjective thoughts and opinions – literally anyone can do this. That’s in direct contrast to what Kris does – he takes the time to level the playing field by making sure products are set up correctly and variables are accounted for. Without such careful prep, comparisons between products are often useless. This kind of critical approach to evaluating components is rare in this industry, which is why I turn to Kris to get the straight scoop on a product I haven’t evaluated myself (or get a “second opinion” on a product I have examined, just so we can compare notes).


The internet can make the problem of getting the straight scoop on a/v products even worse, as so many people are either raving about or trashing the latest products to hit the market. Visiting an internet forum can be an exercise in frustration, as both extremes end up battling it out (one of the realities of internet forums is that no one ever posts to say “the product I purchased is working properly and has exactly met my expectations”). Kris is a breath of fresh air in this regard, as he has the knowledge and skills to write critically and authoritatively about these products. And he makes painstaking efforts to be fair and honest in his evaluations.


My company is famous for our projector and speaker shootouts, where we also make the kinds of efforts described above to make sure comparisons are valid. We are proud of the fact that not only have we seen or heard the products we offer opinions on, we also have taken the time to compare them critically under controlled conditions. Kris is often a vital part of these events, as I know he can be counted on to keep us honest and make sure the conditions of the test are set up properly (such as properly calibrating all the projectors during our projector shootouts). His assistance has always been invaluable in this regard. 


I think the thing I admire most about Kris is his ability to cut through all the internet noise and marketing blather to deliver the straight scoop on what matters and what doesn’t. To wax poetic for a moment, I think of him as cutting through preconceptions and ill-founded convictions with the sharp sword of science and skepticism. At the same time, he is wide open to new ideas and better ways of doing things. That willingness to learn new things, combined with his ability to critically evaluate these same new ideas and approaches, makes Kris the ideal person to reach out to when you get overwhelmed with all the choices and contradictory information you often find out in the wild. Kris is someone whose judgement and knowledge I genuinely respect and seek out. On the rare occasion when I get stumped on a technical question, Kris is the person at the top of my speed dial list. And he always seems to have the right answer (except for when he says nice things about Hans Zimmer). And part of the joy of talking to Kris is also the joy of talking to a good friend.


By now it should be obvious that Kris should be your “go-to-guy” for a/v advice, calibrations, guidance. He has my highest recommendation."

John Schuermann, Owner, The Screening Room

"Kris Deering is a superbly competent - and very nice - person. My two-display system presented some unusual compatibility challenges, and he and Jim Petersen (Lumagen) were able to deal with all of them. Watching Kris perform in the company of Jim and another professional video calibrator was an impressive display of confidence, competence and give and take discussion. Kris was often the mentor. The video calibration of my JVC DLA-RS4500/Lumagen Radiance Pro began with a “textbook” technical calibration, but some of his “torture test” video excerpts required some manual tweaking, and he knew where to go and what to do.  The end result is very impressive. Combined with state-of-the art electronics and loudspeakers it is better than my most memorable cinema experience -  plus I have a wine cellar and pause control!"

I have worked with Kris and his company many times over the last few years.  I own several companies and work with many venders and people.  He rises to the top in every area.  Kris has always been impressive with his knowledge, honestly, and compassion.  He is always helpful and offers multiple ideas to accomplish what I am trying to get done.  I would highly recommend him and his company for any audio/video tasks you have.  I plan on working with him for many more years in the future.

Chuck Hillis, Customer, Wenatchee WA

"Kris Deering did a terrific job calibrating my Samsung 65C8 and Vizio PQ65-F1. Leading up to the appointment day his communication was spot on and included regular updates while in route to my home. Kris was very conscientious in his attention to detail about the TV’s, their location in our house, and what we wanted to achieve. Owing to his background in calibrating military-grade, highly technical visual instrumentation, I had no doubts that Kris would be precise in his work. The outcome was everything we expected, and I appreciate his follow up afterwards to see how the TV’s were performing. I unequivocally recommend Kris to anyone who wants the very best in TV calibration." 

Paul G., Customer, Carnation WA

"I've had multiple ISF calibrations done on my displays over the years, but Kris Deering sets the standard for his professional knowledge and quality of work. The results are simply outstanding!"

T. Hooper, Customer, Mercer Island WA

"Kris performed a thorough and professional calibration of my JVC projector. He also helped get the BluRay player set up to optimize the image (Panasonic to OLED with tone mapping, Oppo to Lumagen). The system with the Lumagen processor now performs above and beyond expectations and is a joy to sit down and watch a movie. Everything is set up and dialed in to turn it on and not have to tweak or refine. That is a huge relief given the intricacies of getting 4K HDR set up and adjusted. Fortunately, I live in the Pacific Northwest and Kris is not too far away if more refinement is needed down the road. Highly recommended."

Randall, Customer, Pacific Northwest

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