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Update on Services During COVID 19

Hello All. As I'm sure you all know, we are living in unprecedented times right now. Due to the spread of the Corona Virus I have halted all calibration touring for the safety of my customer's and their families as well as my own. Right now the most important thing for everybody is to stay safe and care for their loved ones and neighbors. But this does not mean I am closing up shop for the time being! I still offer a wide range of services for clients to take advantage of during this time. This includes consulting on upcoming and existing projects, educational needs to get you up to speed on the latest trends and developments in home theater, audio and even calibration and last but not least, calibration services! Deep Dive AV has offered remote calibration services since the beginning and I've had plenty of clients that have already taken advantage of this service with spectacular results! Projectors are shipped to me from your dealer or directly from you and calibrated in my reference room using the same screen material, throw and conditions you use in your very own home theater without the extra expenses that come with fly away services or travel! So if you don't want to wait this out for a calibration on your projection system, reach out and we can discuss options to get you great results with no risk to your family!

Another great service we offer is remote configuration and setup of the Lumagen Radiance Pro video processor. This is probably one of the most popular services we do at Deep Dive AV. We are an authorized Lumagen dealer and have actually been helping with the development of Lumagen's advanced frame adaptive tone mapping first hand! Lumagen's purchase through us include FULL setup and configuration of the unit BEFORE it ever ships to you that is completely tailored to YOUR specific setup! This delivers full plug and play operation right out the gate along with detailed instructions on the setup of your display device to work directly with the Lumagen and input on your source devices as well! We also offer remote setup/configuration options for existing Radiance owners where the Lumagen is optimized for your setup here in our offices and a custom configuration file that is tailored to your exact setup is emailed to you with instructions on how to install on your own Lumagen as well as full instructions for display and source setup to ensure everything is working together perfectly! Please reach out if you have any question at all about these services to!

Please be safe out there and remember that we are all in this together!

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